Daisy Ashford

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Nov. 3, 1881
Jan. 3, 1972

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> Daisy (Margaret Mary Julia) Ashford was born in Petersham, Surrey in 1881, the eldest of the three daughters of William Ashford and the sixth child of his wife Emma. She dictated her first story, 'The Life of Father McSwiney', when she was four and finished her last, 'The Hangman's Daughter', when she was fourteen. The Young Visiters, her most famous story, was written in 1890 soon after the family moved to Lewes, Sussex. Daisy was 36 when The Young Visiters was rediscovered and it was published two years later in 1919. In the following January she married James Devlin and spent the rest of her life in Norfolk. They had four children. Although all five of her other stories that survived from her childhood were published, she never took up writing again. She died in January 1972.

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